Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The "Bleached" Pin Hole Effect

I have been a huge Photoshop fan since it's inception, which is why it's very bittersweet for me to state that the Pen has made me Photoshop free.  Many of many favorite effects and processing tools are built right into the camera so why should I spend the added time in the digital darkroom when I can spend more time in the field shooting ?  To demonstrate the depth of Photoshop-free effects achievable with this camera I will continue to enlighten my blog audience (crickets !) with tips and tricks that provide those ever-popular and fashionable looks people are searching for.

The Pin Hole filter is one of my favorite all-time effects and with a little tweaking you will find that this is not simply a static filter, but one that can be changed to your liking by modifying other camera parameters. Today's topic: The Bleached Pin Hole Effect.  The Bleached Pin Hole Effect is very simple formula: Pin Hole Art Filter + Overexposure.  That's it, nothing more, nothing less.  I recommend as a starting point  a roughly +1 stop of exposure, but of course tweak to your liking.

Exposure pushed +1.3 EV

I think this look is somewhat reminiscent of the film era Bleach Bypass effect.  I see wedding photographers adding this effect to their portfolio all the time, of course they have sit behind a desk and process each image to achieve this look, us pen owners are fortunate enough to have it built right into the camera.


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