Monday, February 8, 2010

No Flash Required

It's probably the biggest complaint I have read about on forums: the EP-1's lack of internal flash.   For some people (especially those migrating from a P&S), flash is a critical element of the camera.  For me, the lack of an internal flash turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Learning to use the camera under natural lighting conditions and taking full advantage of the respected high ISO performance of the EP-1 has allowed me to produce some of my best work to date.

No Flash Required ( Tips & Tricks )

  • With still subject matter, the EP-1 has built in stabilization to help combat the effects of camera shake.  Use this to your advantage.  I have hand-held shots as low as 1/16 of a second using IBS.
  • If  you need more shutter speed, raise ISO.  The EP-1 has a maximum ISO of 6400.
  • If ISO 6400 doesn't cut it, you can 'push' the camera ISO.  Just dial in a exposure compensation of +1 (or higher) EV.  Pushing the ISO will generate more noise, but the look is perfect for B&W.
  • Select Continuous Mode.   The EP-1 has a burst rate of 3 FPS, giving you a higher probability of a sharp picture.

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