Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tip: Yes you can change aperture when using Art Filters !

I have noticed a number of complaints on the Internets regarding changing aperture when using Art Filters. Because Art Filters are only accessible using the command dial and the command dial is the only way to enter aperture or shutter priority modes, the assumption has been that there is no way to change aperture. I am huge fan of the pin-hole art filter, so much so that 80% of my pictures are taken using this effect. Since acquiring the Olympus 17mm pancake, I have been doing quite a bit of wide-open shooting @ f2.8 which means my beloved Pin-Hole Art Filter has been left behind for the rather mundane Aperture Priority mode. The other day by accident I noticed that I could cycle through a variety of aperture and shutter combination's as if I was in Programmed Auto Mode (P) allowing me to select f2.8 when using an Art Filter. I was able to cycle through the aperture/shutter combinations by using the vertical command dial on the back of the EP-1 and now my beloved Art-Filters are once again my default weapon of choice.

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  1. Thanks for the tip--this will come in handy. The Pin-Hole effect is rather addictive.