Thursday, December 31, 2009

Art Filters: The Pin Hole Effect

Art Filters are one of those things that I typically disregard on a camera. Let's face it, art filters or 'in-camera effects' are typically pretty nasty looking (I still have never understood the Solarize Effect that Sony put on all of it's cameras years ago to be honest with you). That being said, the Olympus EP-1 has some very usable and likable art filters in it's arsenal. In fact there are several Art Filters which I use quite often, including the one I am going to discuss today: The Pin Hole Effect.

The Pin Hole Effect is somewhat reminiscent of the 'Holga Look', a look that is quite edgy and artful in many respects. A touch of nice vignetting, some stronger color and contrast and too my eye (in trying to dissect the Olympus formula) a little warming as well. The reason I love that fact that Olympus included this effect in-camera is that it is probably one of the most replicated effects done via post processing in Photoshop.

The caveat of the Pin Hole Effect, or the Pen's Art Filters in general is the overall speed of operation when shooting with the filters enabled. It can take upwards of six seconds to save an image with the Pin Hole Effect turned on. While this may seem like a deal breaker to some, I must ask you this question: How long would it take you to turn on your PC/Mac, open PhotoShop (or your default photo editing application) and apply the effect via post process ? I can answer this question for you: Longer than six seconds.

Food Photography ?  Spice Things up with Pin Hole Art Filter

The Pin Hole Art Filter is truly full of surprises as it can turn even the most mundane of images into something special.

Excellent uses for the Pin Hole Art Filter:
  • Give Scenes with Dull Colors or a Lack of Contrast impact.
  • Turn Boring Subject Matter into Fine Art
  • Give Portraits a Dramatic Presence
The list of course goes on.  Limited only by one's imagination....

Shot in the Studio ?  Nope, just another example of the fine work archived when using the Pin Hole Art Filter

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