Friday, January 8, 2010

Art Filters: Grainy B&W

Olympus has some very impressive controls for creating black and white images.  You can change contrast and sharpness, select from a number of black and white filters, add a touch of noise, color toning, and even a bit of vignetting, all without ever leaving the camera - truly impressive stuff.

The Pen has several 'Art Filters' built into it's in-camera processing arsenal.  Last week we discussed the Pin Hole Art Filter, one of my all-time favorite effects.  Today I would like to talk about the Grainy B&W Art Filter.  The Grainy B&W filter, as the name implies, produces a rather coarse, contrasty, edgy 'journalistic' look.  It might sound a bit rough from the description and truth be told this is one of those most destructive filters I have ever used, that being said the end-result is rather satisfying as it invokes a dramatic response from each image.

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