Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dramatic Black and White In Camera

Want a very dramatic black and white picture straight out of your pen ? Want a touch of contrast and some soft vignetting ? Well the formula is quite simple: shoot in color using the PinHole Art Filter and then convert in-camera (using the JPEG editing features) to black and white.  The camera of course makes a copy of the original during the black and white conversion process so you'll have both in the event you find yourself indecisive with the desired effect.  The Pinhole + Black and White, in my honest opinion, is nothing short of gorgeous.

Before Black and White Conversion

After Converting to Black and White in camera.

The above picture was actually a candid of my wife as she sit waiting in the living room - she looked up and I snagged a quick shot under some rather poor, incandescent lighting.  ISO 1600 f 5.2 36mm.  Studio In a Box ? Of course, no flash is necessary with the pen.

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  1. I would have went for the MySpace angle. But cool tip either way.